The Dancing King! 

I had started making a gif and ended up making short animation of king Leonard dancing for the first time of my life. The animation is a bit glitchy, but I will do my best to improve my animation skills in the future. It was a lot of work and I lot of fun! :D

Yesterday I showed this short animation to my 2,5 year old cousin. He keep asking me to put it on repeat since then, and everytime he sees it he keep laughing and dancing. This is the biggest compliment I could receive!

diariopresivo asked:

Hey, I really love your illustrations, I really enjoy your work and I was wondering where do you draw your sketches? On a computer or IPad? And what program or app? However, kisses from Peru <3 <3

I use tablet, Intuos 5L and Photoshop CS6. Thank you so much for your kind words, kisses from Poland <3